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High Blood Pressure

Are you taking medicines for high blood pressure or cholesterol? If so, then you need to read this, because these medicines may not be the complete answer to you living a long and healthy life.

High blood pressure is often a sign that your arteries have started to get damaged. If left untreated, you are at increased risk of having a heart attack or a stroke. That is why your medicines are important.

You may be surprised to hear that there are some nutrients that are also very powerful at reducing your risk of having a heart attack or a stroke. In the videos I talk about a nutrient that has been shown to reduce the risk of you dying from a heart attack by over 50%.

That is a HUGH reduction. Plus this nutrient is good for your joints and your brain. Sound like this would be something you would want to take? I would say it’s a no-brainer!

Are The Side Effects Of Your Heart Medicines Bothering You?

As a pharmacist, I understand how these medicines work. Some of them can cause deficiencies in vital nutrients in your body. This is usually how they cause their typical side effects like:

  • Aches and pains
  • Cramps
  • Tiredness
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Low mood
  • Reduced sex drive

But the good news is, that you can replenish these nutrients with good quality supplements to restore your energy and vitality. In other words, you can take your medicines and avoid the side effects – the best of both worlds.

Watch my video, or pop into your local Nutrition Medicine Certified pharmacy to learn more about how you can achieve optimal heart health. Or, make an appointment to see Martin and his team at the Nutrition Medicine Clinic.

“My wife bought me the Optimal Heart Health pack because I had developed high blood pressure. After a month of taking these nutrients, my aggression and agitation just disappeared. I am not sure which one did this, but people have started to notice the difference.”

~ David


One of the most common conditions that pharmacists dispense prescriptions for is high blood pressure. High blood pressure is not a disease, but is an important risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease. This is the reason that so many people are taking daily medication to lower their blood pressure.

The problem is that these drugs do not address the cause of the high blood pressure - they simply address the symptoms (by lowering the person’s blood pressure). The implicit assumption is that that person will be on those drugs for life. In addition, many such drugs have side effects which, over time, start to cause problems in other areas of the body - problems that then need to be addressed, usually with further medication. The overall result is that, year-on-year, most people start to require more and more medicines.

In Nutrition Medicine, on the other hand, we think about what might be driving the blood pressure to rise in the first place - and offer solutions to reverse those factors.

High blood pressure can be caused by poor diet, lack of exercise or prolonged stress leading to inflammation in the body and damage to the lining of the arteries. Healthy arteries normally produce substances that relax and repair. A lack of key nutrients (such as magnesium) can lead to high blood pressure. Over-eating some nutrients (like sugar or salt for some people) can lead to high blood pressure. Eating the wrong nutrients (e.g. trans-fats in processed foods instead of omega-3 fats like fish) can cause high blood pressure.

The body also makes relaxing factors to maintain healthy blood pressure. One of these is nitric oxide. However, after the age of 40, your body makes less nitric oxide, which can result in damage to arteries and problems such as high blood pressure and even sexual dysfunction.

Prolonged stress can also be an underlying cause of high blood pressure. All of these factors are amenable to nutrition and lifestyle intervention. With a bit of help and support you can take control of these factors and return your blood pressure to healthy levels. Plus by addressing these nutrient or lifestyle imbalances, you will feel healthier, younger, more vibrant and truly well. You take control of your health.

Nutrition Medicine solutions are generally more gentle on the body as a whole than a prescription medicine, and take into account the body’s other systems and how they need to be supported through the healing process. If a prescription medicine is still necessary, it will be for a finite period of time. With additional nutritional support for the body as a whole, we can address the underlying cause, and any likely side effects. As well as being on the prescribed medication for a finite period of time, a Nutrition Medicine patient is also likely to be spared the cascade of medications that ensue from its continued use.