The Nutrition Medicine
Clinic Team

The Nutrition Medicine
Clinic Team



Martin Harris is the creator of Nutrition Medicine, and an inspirer of wellness and vitality. He’s also a multi-award winning Pharmacist, Nutrition Medicine Practitioner, and Author.

“I want people to feel the best they possibly can, every single day. The right nutrition can make a life-changing difference, both in preventing illness, and in off-setting the side-effects of prescription medicines. I’ve seen Nutrition Medicine create hope, happiness and empowerment for thousands of people.”

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Katherine is a Naturopathic Clinician and a Nutritionist. Her consultations offer a safe, friendly environment to discuss what’s going on for you and provide you with a comprehensive personalised wellness plan. These plans combine the most current scientific evidence with traditional naturopathic knowledge and herbal medicine including dietary supplements, botanical medicines, and lifestyle relaxation techniques.
Katherine also offers Neurological Integration System (NIS) consultations.

“Your body has the innate ability to resolve any health concern or disease. I use a patient-centred approach to create an internal and external environment that promotes your optimal well being. My mission is to transform the current health landscape from one of sick care to a health care system of prevention and health promotion.”

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Sally is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, as well as a registered nurse, counsellor, tertiary teacher and celebrant. She’ll get to know the Real you, and create a coaching programme that deals with your specific issues in a holistic way, to help you find your personal bliss!

Working with Sally, you’ll start with a comprehensive health assessment, including talking about your current health concerns and goals. A typical coaching programme usually involves meeting every fortnight for an hour, for a period of six months. Making change requires courage but Sally will be there to support you every step of the way.

“My mission is to empower people to make a commitment to themselves- to be healthier, happier and to live a life they only dream about.”

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Ana is a Nutritionist, a Pilates instructor and an Embodied Flow™ yoga instructor. She’s all about getting to the root cause of a condition - focusing not just on your symptoms but also your lifestyle, your beliefs and habits around eating, your stage of life, and your physical goals. Ana can help you with weight loss or gain, developing a healthy relationship to food, maintaining health through ageing, auto-immune conditions, digestive issues, hormone imbalance and more.

“I’m passionate about the role of nutrition in integrative medicine, and believe in empowering you with the knowledge and tools to feel great about how you eat. No one person is physically or emotionally the same as the next, no experience is the same as another, and we each need to walk our own path. My job is to support you in making the unique changes you need to develop a happy and loving relationship with food and your body.”

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