Become a Nutrition Medicine
Certified Pharmacist

Become a Nutrition Medicine
Certified Pharmacist

As an individual pharmacist, you can also become Nutrition Medicine Certified by completing the foundational Nutrition Medicine course and ongoing Nutrition Medicine professional development.


Do you wake up feeling passionate about going to work? Do you look forward to your day, knowing that you will be helping real people with their health?

As pharmacists, we’re facing tough times in an industry that is under pressure from many different directions. I know that you are truly committed to making your patients healthier. To realise these goals in this tough environment, I truly believe that integrating Nutrition Medicine into your career is the way to go.

To date, this course has been taken by over 150 pharmacists, and has immediately transformed their lives (check out the testimonials below). I haven’t run it for a couple of years as I’ve been evolving and refreshing it, integrating the latest research and learnings in this fascinating area. I’m thrilled to be re-launching it to a select group of pharmacists on Sunday October 4 this year.

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In this programme, you’ll learn how to use Nutrition Medicine to help your customers, staff and family (and yourself!) use diet, supplements and lifestyle factors to achieve radiant wellness from the inside out. This means an optimally-functioning immune system, overcoming fatigue, addressing specific therapeutic areas of concern, losing weight, offsetting side-effects from prescription medicines, more overall happiness and relaxation, and less stress. Sounds good, right?

It is my belief that pharmacists must be experts in this area. Not just have a passing knowledge of a few of the main things that they pick up here and there. We have got to be driving this category. It is our ethical responsibility - vital for safety of our patients who are also taking drugs.

And that is why Nutrition Medicine in Pharmacy is my passion. I want to help you and your team understand how you can become the knowledgeable, well-rounded health experts that your customers choose to see most often.

I hope you will join me on Sunday October 4 for this life-changing programme.

Nutrition Medicine in Pharmacy Foundations Programme

Date: Sunday October 4 2020, 9am-5pm
Venue: Saint Columba Centre, 40 Vermont St, Ponsonby, Auckland
Investment: $2000 per pharmacy (includes one attendee). Bring extra people for $500 per person (from the same pharmacy). Special pricing for locums (please contact Martin)
Course structure: One day in person seminar (October 4), then six follow-up webinars over the next six months.

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“Hi Martin, huge thanks for Sunday, we just loved it and can see it is going to transform how we do things in future in our pharmacy and with looking after our patients and our own health. I'm really excited about it and the benefits our customers will get from it in the future. Loved it, thanks again so much.” - Tony

“Dear Martin, Thank you so much... working with you has really ignited the fire within me to be a pharmacist who is giving out more information about how to really improve your health with a complete approach.” - Sam

“Morning Martin, Thanks the course was amazing, really interesting and easy and obvious to see how it will add value to our business. Thanks again, very informative and inspirational.” - Trudy

“Hi Martin, It was brilliant! Everyone is very enthusiastic and inspired. And you are right, we will have to action quickly to avoid losing our traction.” - Tania

“Martin, Thank you for inspiring us towards greater health. My supplement sales are really starting to move now and I think the patients are loving the information we can offer.” - Delwyn

“Patients come in and give me high fives, and say that I have changed their life”.

“I had a patient pop in to visit me the other day with a bunch of flowers to say thank you for “fixing him” … he said he has been complaining to his dr for a while now with no improvements in health, and after a 10 minute chat with me he feels like a different person”.

“The patients are loving the information we can offer.”