Your unique roadmap
to radiant wellness


Your unique roadmap
to radiant wellness

Welcome to the Nutrition Medicine Clinic

The Nutrition Medicine Clinic is where we put all the pieces of the puzzle together, to create your own unique roadmap to radiant good health.

Founded on the principles of Nutrition Medicine™, Martin and his team will take an in-depth look at your wellness, your medical history, your current lifestyle, your diet, and other influencing factors. They then put it all together to work out what’s going on inside your body, in terms of your metabolic pathways and the production of necessary enzymes.

They’ll then work with you to make a plan that incorporates everything you need to feel energised, healthy and vital.

Whether you are sick, run down, wanting to offset prescription medicine side-effects, or mostly well and just keen to feel the best you possibly can, a consultation at the Nutrition Medicine Clinic is the best step you can take towards optimising your overall health and well-being.

The Clinic is located at Massey Unichem Pharmacy.

COVID-19 Update

In times like these, we realise that our health is our greatest asset. It’s about much more than not being sick. It’s about being as radiantly well as we can possibly be. So we can live life to the fullest, be there for our loved ones, and have the best possible chance of fighting off a disease like COVID-19.

At Nutrition Medicine, we understand that now is when you need us the most. That’s why we’re now running a Virtual Nutrition Medicine Clinic - so we can work together online to put all the pieces of your puzzle together, and create your unique roadmap to radiant good health.

The Virtual Nutrition Medicine Clinic can help you with:

  • super-charging your Immune System
  • optimising your diet for the best possible health
  • finding the root cause of your fatigue, gut problems, blood pressure issues, mental health problems (and more)
  • supplying naturopathic and natural health supplements to restore your energy and wellness
  • coaching you on how to overcome bad habits and self-sabotage in your eating and lifestyle
  • off-setting side-effects from your prescription medicineself care are two sides of the same coin: often the most important step on the road to wellness is to cultivate self respect and self love.
  • supporting your respiratory system and nervous systems so that they function at their best
  • developing a self-care toolkit including yoga and meditation to help you feel balanced and supported every day.

Virtual Nutrition Medicine Clinic Consultations*:

+ Initial Consultation: $150 (90 minutes)
+ Follow-up Consultation: $80 (60 minutes)

These are our standard Nutrition Medicine, Naturopathic, Neurological Integration System (NIS) consultations, Health Coaching, and Yoga & Self-care consultations.

+ Quick Trouble-shoot: $60 (30 minutes)

Great for when you have a few burning questions and want to run them by an expert.

Click the button below to book an appointment.

*We understand that for many people this is a time of financial hardship. If you would like to see someone at our Clinic but can’t afford a consultation right now, we still want to help you - please get in touch to discuss how this could work for you.

"My blood test results appeared “normal” but I was very tired. I went to the Nutrition Medicine Clinic, where they reviewed them and found I had some nutrient imbalances. Fixing these deficiencies have given me my energy and my life back again”.

- Christina