Have you tried every cream for your eczema, but it keeps coming back?
Do you want to know how to correct the underlying causes of your eczema?

We see hundreds of patients each month with prescriptions for creams and tablets for their eczema. Mostly, the prescriptions are for steroid creams, or in bad cases antibiotics. There is no doubt that steroid creams calm down inflamed skin.

However, many patients are concerned about the long term effects of these steroid creams on their skin and their overall health. They will often ask me if there is an effective alternative. The answer is YES, for most people there are effective alternatives. These involve 3 simple strategies as well as diet changes. You may be surprised about what these 3 strategies involve (Hint: only one involves the skin directly).

These simple strategies are all based on improving the abnormal immune responses that lead to eczema. Often, food allergies cause the immune system to be on hyper-alert and to attack the skin. Testing for food allergies and food sensitivities and making diet changes is an important part of treating eczema. But not all food allergy testing is done properly. There are many traps in traditional allergy testing.

I recently treated a 6-year-old boy, Robbie, who had severe eczema. His skin would often bleed and he got regular skin infections. His specialist had done standard food allergy testing but this had not made much difference. We added food sensitivity testing and adjusted his diet accordingly. We also gave him a regime of key nutrients to balance gut function and the immune system. His eczema improved dramatically. In fact, his mum commented that he was able to swim in the ocean without his skin stinging for the first time ever. That nearly brought a tear to my eye.

Listen to my videos to learn about the 3 simple strategies to address the underlying causes of eczema. You will be astounded by the results.

“The Herbal Eczema cream is amazing. I have tried many creams in the past without much improvement. The Herbal Eczema Cream worked straight away”

~ Mabel