Fatigue and Low Energy

Do you feel tired, but your blood tests say there is nothing wrong?
Is a lack of “get up and go” stopping you from enjoying your life to the full?

Well you are not alone. 60% of patients who visit their doctor complain of fatigue. It is pretty common. There are many causes of tiredness, so you need to take a step-by-step approach to deal with them all.

In my videos I explain the four most common causes of fatigue. Many of these are a function of nutrient imbalances from our modern diet and busy lifestyle. The good news is that these can be fixed, so you can have all the energy to work and play.

Low energy levels can have serious health consequences. It is not “just a feeling”. If you feel tired, then your body does not have enough of the key nutrients it needs to make all its metabolic pathways work properly. So you shouldn’t ignore the warning signs.

If you want to restore your energy, I suggest you pop into your local Nutrition Medicine Certified pharmacy and talk to one of the team. Or, make an appointment to see Martin and his team at the Nutrition Medicine Clinic. There are many different causes, and we can help you identify the optimal treatment for you.

“I now have sooo much energy that I don’t know what to do with it … and my husband is struggling to keep up with me."

~ Jan