Weight Loss | FAB System

50-year-old research shows that by changing the balance of “macro-nutrients” you eat, you can reverse many health conditions including Type II diabetes, epilepsy, and many other painful conditions. One of the side effects of this diet change is that people lose weight (especially fat).

For some reason, this research has been forgotten for many years. We have dusted it off and made it available to our patients. This is why we call it our Forgotten Science Fat Blasting System or FAB System for short.

Turn On Your Fat-Burning Enzymes

The FAB System teaches you how you can turn on your fat-burning enzymes. We generally see people losing 5kg in 6 weeks.

Most people shudder at the thought of a diet. It conjures up thoughts of hunger pains, lettuce leaves and feelings of being tired and grumpy. Well the FAB System is different. Because your body switches to a clean burning fuel, your aches and pains disappear, you have more energy, you think more clearly. These are all signs that your body is working optimally.

To find out if the FAB System would be right for you, call in at your closest Nutrition Medicine Certified pharmacy. Or, make an appointment to see Martin and his team at the Nutrition Medicine Clinic. Most people who discover the FAB System never want to go back to eating a standard diet again.

“As you know I am so delighted with the weight loss on the FAB System. But I wanted to tell you that I have just been to the doctor, who says that I no longer have diabetes. I can’t believe it!”

~ Leanne