Pain Killers: Not As Safe As You May Think

I don’t want to cause alarm or panic, but some commonly used pain killers can potentially cause very serious side effects. The worrying thing is that these are medicines that are widely available, so people assume they are safe. You can even get them in dairies, petrol stations, and supermarkets. Even pharmacists and doctors get a bit “relaxed” about their use. But the side effects of these pain killers can be serious enough to require a visit to hospital. Scary stuff! But then being in pain is not much fun either.

What if you need pain relief and don’t want to risk the side effects of traditional pain killers?
Are there safe alternatives? There are some natural products that have been shown to be just as effective as the traditional pain killers without the side effects. In fact, many of them have very positive effects on your health while relieving your pain.

One of my favourites is boswellia. It not only is a good pain killer, but has been shown to reduce
inflammation, improve bowel conditions like Crohn’s Disease, improve cholesterol and much more. Other useful natural pain killers include turmeric, ginger, white willow, capsaicin, quercetin and bioflavonoids. We have several different combination products that contain a mixture of these nutrients. Not everyone can take them as there can be interactions with some medicines. But for many people they are an effective and SAFE option.

Come in to Massey or Torbay Unichem and chat to one of our team about natural pain killers. These are a key aspect of complementary medicine. Bring in a list of your prescription medicines if you don’t normally get them from us. We can then tailor a product that will work best for you and be compatible with your medicines.