What Food is Best For Nutrition?

I won’t beat about the bush. High levels of carbohydrates (sugars) in your diet will shorten your lifespan! Sugars are not an ideal fuel source for your body or its organs. What this means is that if your diet is high in sugar you will feel tired, moody, and have more aches, pains and inflammation.

Ketones: An Ideal Fuel Source
Unlike sugars, ketones are a great source of fuel for your body. Your brain, heart and kidneys all work much better when they are using ketones as a fuel source. Another bonus is that cancer cells can not use ketones as a fuel source. So if your diet is “ketogenic” (ie your body is using ketones as its major fuel source), then you will starve cancer cells.

Have More Energy
Energy production in the body happens inside your mitochondria. These mitochondria generate much more energy if fed on a diet of ketones. Ketones are a very clean burning fuel, so there is less “stress” on the body. What this means for you, is that (in addition to having more energy) you will have fewer aches and pains and less inflammation if you convert your body to the ultimate fuel source (ketones).

Where Can I get Ketones?
The good news is that you can make your own ketones. If you get the balance of your diet right, then your body will start to make ketones. In a nut-shell, this involves reducing carbohydrates and ensuring adequate quality protein and fats in your diet. Your body then begins to burn fat as its main fuel, resulting in ketones (ultimate body fuel). Please note, that this is not a Paleo diet. There are significant differences between a paleo and a ketogenic way of eating. It is a very simple diet to follow once you understand where all the hidden carbohydrates and sugars live.

At the Nutrition Medicine Clinic, we offer one-on-one consultations to help you get into ketosis. Come and talk to one of our team about whether our FAB (ketone) system is right for you. You will lose body fat, feel great, and live longer!